We highly encourage all buyers to have a home inspection done on the home they are purchasing. Home inspections have many benefits! We have put together the top five reasons to purchase a home inspection. Check them out!


Protection from the unknown

There are many parts of a home that cannot be seen at a quick walkthrough. A home inspector will take time to check things like the attic and crawl space. These issues can be very costly and a home inspection will detect them.

Save money

Yes, a home inspection costs you money up-front, but it could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the future. Those unseen problems can add up quickly.


A home inspection will check the structural, electrical, and other essential elements of the home. This allows for you to be sure the home is safe.  

Peace of mind

A home inspection allows for a buyer to have a peace of mind by informing them of the condition of the home. Nothing is more valuable than peace of mind! 

Negotiation leverage

After the home inspector does the inspection, they will provide you with an inspection report. This is what you can take to the seller to negotiate repairs. 



A home inspection decreases the chances of having any major surprises when you move into your new home. Have additional questions about home inspections? We would be happy to answer them! Contact us today!