Increases your home’s value – Homeowners Associations increase a home’s value on average of 5-6%

Amenities – Most HOA neighbors offer amenities, such as a neighborhood pool, walking trails, parks, and so much more.

Reduced Maintenance – Common areas of your neighborhood will be taken care of by your HOA company.

Community Involvement – Neighbors in HOA neighborhoods tend to communicate and interact more with their neighbors.

Architectural Control – HOA's require homeowners to get approval on many changes to their home. This prevents hot pink doors, or bright orange shutters from decreasing your home’s value.


Surprisingly, only 24% of Americans live in a homeowner’s association, but they are a great asset to your home.

Interested in moving into an HOA or finding a new company to manage your HOA? Let us know as we are happy to help you find a new home and our sister company, Innovative Property Solutions manages homeowner’s associations, as well.