We cannot stress the importance of changing your air filters on a regular basis. Our recommendation is to change them every 60 days. Changing air filters is something that commonly slips homeowners' and tenants' minds, but it is an essential part of the upkeep of a home.


Here are four main reasons it is important to change your air filters.


1. Increase the life of your HVAC

The number one reason HVAC units break down is due to dirty filters. Living in a home with a broken HVAC is no fun, so do your part to protect the unit by changing your air filters. This too will increase the life of your unit.


2. Lower energy costs

Dirty filters force your system to work harder to heat and cool your home which causes more energy to be used. The more energy used the more expensive your electric bill will be. People who routinely change their air filters save 5-15% on their utility expenses, so change those air filters.


3. Air Quality

Air quality decreases when a home has dirty air filters and allergies and asthma symptoms usually increase. Protect your health by replacing your air filters!


4. Temperature Control

Changing your air filters frequently allow for your HVAC unit to work more efficiently which leads to your unit controlling the internal temperature of your home more effectively. Do you want your home to stay at the same temperature? Change those air filters.



These are just a few of the benefits of changing your air filters regularly. Now set those reminders on your phone/calendar/tablet to ensure you are protecting yourself and your home.