Susan Weston

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155 Brynn Marr Road Suite 500 Jacksonville, NC 28546

A “home” should be more than just a label we slap on a structure; it should be a gathering place for friends and family alike. Whether for three years or for a lifetime, it is my desire to find you that perfect “home.” As the wife of a retired Marine and the daughter of a retired Soldier, I understand the anxiety and challenges in uprooting a family and transplanting them to a new environment. As a mother of three, I know a move can be especially hard on children. Having lived on the west coast, the east coast, and several places in between, I bring a wide perspective to the needs of those with whom I am blessed to help find a place they can call home.

My professional career is as diverse as my upbringing. I received my Bachelor of Science degree from California State University – Sacramento where I majored in Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology. After interning shortly with the ATF, I transitioned to defense contracting where I worked for several decades in corporate accounting. When my husband retired and my children developed more independence, I found myself wanting to do more to help others. This led me to another career path. As a Realtor®, let me help you find that next place you call “home”!